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Line…up – Jamila Fitzgerald

Mohamed, peace on him and us,
Stood on this earth
And heard what he heard across
The universe;
Five times a day a chance
To wash off my load
And lay it before the Lord;
Spill it…
Where do I put my feet?
On the straight path!

The triangle on the pool table
Aligns, rounds up the spheres
For my shot at Salvation.

No god but God
No dhikr without Islam
Squared first.

From my mess
To sweet remembrance
Is not a straight shot.
In the geometry of the thing,
The shortest distance is
through the Message Written.

The Grace Note of Remembering
A sweet taste, gone in a thrice,
Any fool can– Who wouldn’t?
But the beads are numberless
They move through time, only
Time after time,
Is sweetness squared”

from Line…Up

Jamila Fitzgerald

in A Kaleidoscope of Stories

Muslim Voices in Contemporary Poetry

Coming soon from Lote Tree Press

Painting: The Geometric Aquarium by Jamila Fitzgerald

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