Lote Tree Press specialises in poetry of the Muslim world. Our first collection of contemporary poetry A KALEIDOSCOPE OF STORIES – Muslim Voices in Contemporary Poetry is on its way. See PUBLICATIONS and our blog for more details, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @lotetreepress.

Future projects will inshaAllah include the publication of the first collections from several of our poets, and projects focused on the poetry of specific countries from the Muslim world and their diaspora communities. 

Also have a look at our Sufi poetry posts from the Islamic literary tradition. To get all the latest posts of Sufi poetry in translation, together with the verses in the original and language notes, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @lotetreepoetry.

If you are a poet or part of a poetry project and are interested in submitting your work for publication, please take a look at our SUBMISSIONS section and write to us at submissions@lotetreepress.com.

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