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Painted Toe Nails – Hina Jabeen-Aslam

“I took you to Paris, you went up the Eiffel Tower and to the Louvre
Tasted some French macaroons which I know u loved because you made me eat lots!
We spent a lot of time with your Aunty Aisha and we followed on to Barcelona where I felt at peace with you.
We sat in la Sagrada Familia and cried, It may have been the scale of the beauty around me or the hormone imbalances that left me teary perhaps I felt unknowingly wary
After ten days of being away, we came home to an immaculate space, daddy had been cleaning
with pride on his face welcomed us with his warm embrace
Kissed me on my tummy and said salaam peanut, that was to you
10 weeks on and you are gone
Allah had a plan for you and this was not it, your heart only beat just for a little bit”
from Painted Toe Nails
-Hina Jabeen-Aslam
Muslim Voices in Contemporary Poetry
Coming soon from Lote Tree Press

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