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The Cloaked Lovers – Arthur Skip Maselli

“Send my eyes to the gallows
banish me from my city walls
Muhammad was left by flesh
and angels alike
orphaned time again and again

The silk road of love
travels away from the heart
and yet this same road
is the unpaved path going in and in
and in.

What trail can the feet follow,
when flesh is shed
when the mother and father are dead
when the uncle has left
when the tribe is cleft
when from the cave you fled
awaiting the message
to follow what the messenger said

Taken in by gypsies, left for alms
bodies dance with open palms
one up, one down
I, the center axis
You, where all reality collapses
into a point, a single unity
of being.
Love is the synapsis”

from The Cloaked Lovers
Arthur Skip Maselli
Muslim Voices in Contemporary Poetry
Coming soon from Lote Tree Press

Image: Three Whirling Dervishes by Mariam Choudry

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