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Symphonies of Theophanies – Moroccan Meditations

A journey through the spiritual landscape of Morocco in verse, poetry and prose

Our newest publication is an immersive photo poetry journal taking the reader on a journey through the spiritual and religious landscape of Morocco, known as the land of saints. Dziedzic succeeds in transporting us to a sacred realm through the meditative jewel-like verse, anecdotes and photos in the pages of this book.
The perennial human journey is the path of remembrance; the path of recalling creation’s origins and of seeing the Divine root in all things. The Sufis of Morocco cultivate this attitude through dhikr, spiritual practices inculcating perpetual God-consciousness. For this reason, Morocco has become known as balad al-awliyāʾ, the land of saints.
This collection of poetry, prose, and photography offers gleams of light and beauty from the balad al-awliyāʾ. Symphonies of Theophanies: Moroccan Meditations invites the reader to short meditations, a personal dhikr, through inspiration from the traditions of Moroccan Sufism, a shimmering mine of spiritual wisdom. In each instant lies the seeds of transcendence – a hidden theophany and a secret heartsong yearning for the heavens. This collection is a symphony of such moments, such heartsongs.
Symphonies of Theophanies – Moroccan Meditations is now available for preorder from online booksellers and bookshops.

“As someone who has lived in Morocco for many years, I found this work particularly inspiring and insightful. The author interweaves beautiful black and white photographs with strands of poetry and prose to take us to sacred places and introduce us to holy people usually hidden from visitors, giving us a true and delightful taste of the spiritual tradition that is still alive here. We will definitely be adding this book to the preparatory reading we recommend to students and others in future cultural exchange programs, but it is also a book that will resonate for seekers in any spiritual tradition wherever they might be.”


– Michael Abdurrahman Fitzgerald

Co-founder, The Center for Language & Culture,

Marrakesh, Morocco



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