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“A Light Journey” by Ali Scully

A Light Journey

Ali Scully

On this wondrous night
Angels opened his heart
To fill with faith and wisdom
He would later impart.

They prepared him for a journey
To see the best of signs.
Through the Seven Heavens he went
To One beyond space and time.

He mounted a steed
That came from Gardens of Heaven.
Al-Buraq travelled at speed of Light
From Makkah to Jerusalem.

From al-Aqsa he ascended
On a stairway for angels to tread.
By the hand of Gabriel
Our Nabī was led.

His ascent was welcomed
By Prophets who’d arrived before
As they met him with Love
And opened Jannah’s doors.

Light upon Light
Through the veils of Allah.
Allah spoke to the Pure of Soul
About our daily ṣalāh.

On the Great journey
He experienced Allah’s grace
Receiving a number of prayers
Given to him for the human race.

At one in the Presence
Of Divine company
He was bestowed with spiritual gifts
For Adam’s progeny.

The beloved gazed upon
Higher Realms of Mystery
Connecting to the One
Who is All Conscious Energy.

Traversing the Seven
To the highest of heights 
At one, in the centre
Of a Soul in flight.

The Light of his inner secrets
Would reflect on his outer form.
Revealing the most genuine of actions
With pure sincerity of thought.

Find this poem in Light Steps – A Poem on the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad by Ali Scully.

Ali Scully author of Light Steps - A Poem on the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (s)

Ali Scully

Poet, artist, nature-loving and lover of the Creator and His Messenge ﷺ, Ali Scully was born in Bradford in 1969 and raised in London. In the last decade, he’s lived in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. During his early twenties and thirties he had the good fortune of travelling extensively throughout Asia. Through his love of poetry and a yearning to explore natural environments, he began to form a spiritual connection which led him to question the purpose of life and have an awakening to the Divine. Subsequently, he reverted to Islam in 1999, not long after which he started the poem Light Steps. Over the years that followed, Ali was inspired by works of the great Muslim saints and poets. He was fortunate to be able to extend his travels, seeking knowledge from spiritual guides and partaking in circles of remembrance. Through his personal research and self-study he developed a deep love for the Prophet of Islam, Sayyiduna Muḥammad ﷺ.

Light Steps A Poem on the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

This poem is from the book Light Steps - A Poem on the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Follow in the illuminated steps of the Prophet ﷺ with a poem for our times in the seerah tradition, relating and reflecting upon stages in the history of the Prophet Muhammad's ﷺ journey. Light Steps is written in the style of a devotional, narrative ballad with a rhyme scheme set in a four line quatrain, and explores elements of the Prophet's life as a meditation on his light-filled message and character. Light Steps: A Poem on the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is a spiritually nourishing reflection on the life of the Messenger ﷺ, his noble character traits and his light-filled message.

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