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Ramadan’s Heavenly Armor – Mehtab Alvi

Heavenly Power holds the gift of light,
proportioned in fathomless fashion to surge abundant showers.
So every once in a year, The Almighty schedules the training of souls to fight.
Eating, sleeping, speaking, hearing, touch and sight, runs out of fuel
Mind, heart, and soul are put to test in a battalion,
to arm some and disarm some, by the Month’s might.

As one breathes, heaves, and sighs around while fasting
only to see, sip, relish or gulp the sight of cold water,
Ramadan Kareem runs parallel with soul
it quenches faith’s thirst.
As the fasting seeker prostrates in gratitude,
the being is exposed to sacred unveilings
Divine fruits and heavenly cascade of abundance pours forth:
every time the hunger pangs hit, his wallet to poor pours;
every time the mad man inside is provoked; it is but subdued,
every time the eyes wander into lust; saves the heart by lowering the sight,
Shaken by loving  fear, learns of its weakness of physical poverty,
Stepping into mirror portal to meet eyes with the being’s essential vulnerability,
The Fast is an armor itself, it appears forth like the spear of Imaan,
Supreme and above all desires, crushing through covetousness.

The whirling reality of Divine Unity kisses the seeker’s consciousness.
Behold the Almighty’s gifts, the fast burns down the ego’s spine,
As the soul’s ego state is burned by the Beloved,
He blesses so out of His Divine attributes of al Wadud (the Loving),
an  Noor (The light) al Majeed (The Glorious)
to set alight the light in the fasting mu’min (believer) of the Omni-soul.


This poem is inspired from Abdal-Hayy Moore’s Ramadan Sonnets, an inspiring pioneer mystic poet of our time.

Mehtab is a speaker/debater, an aspiring writer and poet reflecting on diverse themes like Sufism, gender and social issues. She has a degree in M.Phil in Eng Literature.

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