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Listen to the Reed


The opening lines of Rumi’s Masnavi:


Listen to the reed as it tells a tale

Complaining of separations 

بشنو از نى چون حكايت مى كن 

از جداييها شكايت مي كند

bishnu az nay chun hikāyat mī konad

az jodaīhā shekāyat mī konad 


bishnu az  . listen to . بشنو از
nay . the reed . نى 
chun . as . چون
hikāyat mī konad . it tells a tale . حكايت مى كند
az jodaīhā . of separations . از جداييها
shekāyat mī konad . complaining . شكايت مي كند






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