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“Back” by Murtaza Humayun Saeed


Murtaza Humayun Saeed


I am back

Back from the world of thoughts alone

From the world of picking from multiple perceptions

Back from the prison of mind

From the world of reducing self

And mental mechanisms

I am back

I am whole again

Afresh and aware now

Haunted by vulnerability no more

Nor scornful because of my lack of past experience

For the world awaits me

And lessons yearn to be a part of me

Where real issues will be addressed

I am back again

From the empty well and its darkness

I have found all the wisdom I need

Is found in the core of me, though not from me,

There I am healed and washed

And found again



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Murtaza Humayun Saeed

Murtaza Humayun Saeed is a bookseller, poet, artist and documentary producer. You can find him on Instagram on @adifferentlanguage and @selectbooks_artgallery. Murtaza loves to teach too and once a week he teaches English to 5th to 7th graders in a unique open-ended discussion format. The class is called Beautiful Patience Beautiful Patience is what makes all learning beautiful!

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