Idris Mears was born in Cornwall in 1951. He moved with his parents to Bahrain in 1954 and it became his family home till he went to read English at Oxford University in 1970. He entered Islam in 1973 and has travelled the breadth of the Muslim World since then, building up a network of contacts and a catalogue of experiences. As a teenager, he wrote poetry and won a national poetry prize adjudicated by the then poet laureate, Cecil Day-Lewis. He returned to writing in the last few years but does not identify himself as a poet but as a chronicler of his life and times as a Muslim

Pauses on the Path by Idris Mears

Pauses on the Path by Idris Mears

Genres: Inspirational, Poetry

These dazzling, deep and daring poems provide calm respite from the madness of modern life and demonstrate how desire to connect with the Creator and understand His creation and our place in it can enliven and change us, moment by moment, poem by poem. 

— Professor Joel Hayward, author of Splitting the Moon

This collection of the poems of Idris Mears reveals him to be an authentic and important voice of this time. Their spare and sculpted lines display moments of breathtaking natural beauty, of discovery of the truly extraordinary in the humdrum ordinariness of everyday life, of profound insight and deep spiritual yearning, of seeking out the elusive interface between the timeless and the caught in time, and above all in transmitting an intense luminosity that is all too rare an attribute of any writing of this era.

— Shaykh AbdalHaqq Bewley, author of The Natural Form of Man

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